Our wind farms in Portugal

EKZ Renewables Ltd has owned a wind farm in Portugal since late 2014. Another two were added in 2016.

Parque Eólico do Norte dos Candeeiros (PENC): Wind power from Lisbon
Parque Eólico do Norte dos Candeeiros (PENC) stands around 120 kilometres north of Lisbon. EKZ Renewables Ltd purchased a fully planned wind farm project there in late 2013. The PENC wind farm went into operation one year later. It generates around 29 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, equivalent to the consumption of about 6500 households.

Parque Eólico Zibreiro and Parque Eólico Vieira Cabreira
At the end of 2016, EKZ Renewables Ltd purchased another two wind farms in Portugal: Parque Eólico Zibreiro, which is 150 kilometres east of Porto, and Parque Eólico Vieira Cabreira, 100 kilometres north-east of Porto. EKZ Renewables Ltd holds the majority stake in both wind farms.

Zibreiro went into operation in 2007 and Vieira Cabreira in 2009. These two wind farms make use of the good wind conditions at their elevated locations and, with five wind turbines in total, generate around 19 million kilowatt hours of electricity. This roughly equates to the consumption of 4200 households. 

Parque Eólico de Marvila (PESMA I)
The wind farm Parque Eólico de Marvila I "PESMA I" was taken over by EKZ Renewables Ltd in 2017. It is located about 120 kilometers north of Lisbon and consists of six Senvion wind turbines with a total output of 12 megawatts. "PESMA I" is 100% owned by EKZ Renewables Ltd and has been in operation since 2008. The wind farm produces around 36 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. This roughly equates to the consumption of 8000 households.

A wind turbine in the PENC wind farm.
A wind turbine in the PENC wind farm.


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