First solar power plant in Spain connected to the grid

26. November 2020
The first, large, free-field solar plant of EKZ Renewables Ltd. was connected to the grid on 24 November. The “Algibicos” solar power plant in southern Spain is situated close to the city of Murcia and will produce somewhat more than 90 GWh of electricity per year. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 20,000 households.

With over 300 good-weather days, the area is among the sunniest regions in the whole of Europe. And the yield is increased even more, as the solar panels are mobile and follow the sun during the day. “Compared to Swiss plants, around double the amount of electrical energy can be extracted in this way,” explains Jean-Marc Degen, Senior Project Manager at EKZ Renewables. The flat site is ideally situated, with the substation for connection to the grid only 500 metres away. The covered area amounts to 85 hectares, which equates to around 85 football pitches.

Investment in a renewable energy future
Through the expansion of renewable energy, EKZ Renewables is making a contribution to a CO₂-free energy future. Solar energy has become profitable without subsidies in just a few years. However, large, free-field solar plants are difficult to realise in Switzerland. The low production costs for new PV plants and the plentiful sun in Spain enable operation at a profit-even without state feed-in payments. The construction of large, free-field solar plants is an economically-interesting investment that enables EKZ Renewables to meet its profit-making mandate and to cheaply supply the canton with energy.


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